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Sips & Stems: Succulent Bar Class

If you've been wanting to try a Sips and Stems class, the succulent bar has been a huge success and is definitely worth a try! In this class, you will take home a one of a kind, hand crafted floral design piece created by YOU all while sipping on the some of the best Eastern Washington wines!

The best part about the succulent bar class is your creation is here to stay! The designs you make are made from real, live succulents that you will enjoy for months or years to come!  


Succulents are popular for their trendiness and also for their simple practicality. They are easy to grow and hard to kill--perfect for those "black thumb" gardeners! 

In our succulent bar class, we provide a variety of succulents, unique containers and a fun, relaxing atmosphere with as little, or as much guidance as you need to create your perfect piece! We also offer two different ticket prices to ensure you are satisfied with the piece you create! Our basic ticket guarantees a beautiful, unique container with an array of succulents to choose from. The premium ticket offers a larger succulent design with more creative space in a bigger container. 

Basic Ticket Container

Basic Ticket Container

Premium Ticket Container

Premium Ticket Container

All of our classes are held in beautiful tasting rooms at some of the best local wineries in Eastern Washington! This featured succulent bar class was held at Barnard Griffin Winery, and they were fantastic hosts! Not only do they have knowledgable staff to help you decide which of their delectable wines to enjoy, but they offer fantastic food and the kind of hospitality that will bring you back again and again!

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Eat, drink and be creative with Sips and Stems!